Drive Your Business Easier

Business is constantly on the move 24 hours and 7 days. The HINO500 series aims for the highest operational uptime in the field, which means that you can carry out your tasks more efficiently than ever. We want to be your reliable business partner now as well in the future.


Performance and Versatility

J08E-NB Engine


P11c-CR Engine


High performance mechanical pump and common rail

Reliable mechanical pump is adopted in some specifications. On the other hand, new common rail is adopted in other specifications, which contribute to maintain optimal power and high fuel economy performance under any driving conditions.

6 Speed Transmission


9 Speed Transmission


Newly developed wide-ratio transmission that contributes to reduction of transportation cost.

The newly developed 6-speed transmission (MX06) contributes to less fuel consumption and transportation costs. As for 9-speed transmission (M009), its performance in acceleration and hill climbing at low speed range has been improved.

Full Air-Brakes System

2NR-VE Engine

The adoption of the full-air brake system improves braking responsiveness and performance. In addition, no brake fluid is required, which improves serviceability and reduces running costs.

Transmission PTO


The increased PTO capacity contributes to building large-capacity. Due to the simple structure, the reliability is improved.

Rear Suspension

500s Rear Suspension

Provides both driving stability and customizability at the same time.

Rear dual drive axle/trunnion type suspension vehicles
The suspension is highly effective in driving on uneven dirt or under heavily-loaded condition.
Rear single drive axle vehicle.
Ride comfort, durability and vehicle stability are enhanced by a larger spring design. By changing the chassis tread, wider tires can be mounted.

Active Safety

Head Lights


Relieve stress when driving at night

The headlights were redesigned to match new exterior. Multi-reflector design was adopted to achieve high nighttime visibility.

Combination Meter


A new high-visibility display is adopted

The layout of the driver information display was rearranged based on ergonomics. A liquid crystal display and warning light area provide high visibility.

Bumper & Reinforcement


Resin bumper

Adopting bumper reinforcement inside the resin bumper ensure the same rigidity as metal bumper.

Seat Belt with ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor)


Three-point seatbelt holding the body securely

ELR helps to hold passengers by locking the belt at collision. On the other hand, the felling of tightness while wearing the seatbelt under normal conditions is reduced with adding an anchor attached to the seat. Moreover, a new seatbelt winding device is adopted. which contributes to keeping an appropriate fastening position regardless of the position.

Confort Space

Cab Suspenssion

Cab Suspenssion

Provides both driving stability and customizability at the same time.

A semi-float (rubber type) construction was adopted for the cab mount and mounting bushes were added. Road vibrations are reduced, providing better ride comfort and reducing cabin noise.


Driver's Seat

The seats were re-designed to better fit driver's body and alleviate fatigue at long-distance driving. With reclining and seat sliding functions, the seat provides optimal driving position and contributes to reduce driver fatigue.


Bed Space

Bed space for resting is located behind the seat.

Frame & Crossmembers


Strong and Durable web frame

High-tensile steel side rails and crossmembers are secured without rivets. This construction is not only strong and durable, but also takes body mounting ability into consideration. Body mounting ability is improved since no spacers are necessary between the frame and accessories.

PLatform Layout


Supporting various body mounting

The layout of accessories is concentrated at the front of the chassis, providing flexibility for body uplifting. The design provides plenty of space ahead of the rear of the axels for additional installation.


Driving Position RHD/LHD
Chassis Type 4x2 6x4 4x2 6x4
G.V.M.R./G.C.M.R.(kg) 9,940 11,780 15,100 18,000 26,000 40,000 50,500
Type Cab & Chassis Tractor
Seating Capacity 3
OAL (Overall length)(mm) 5,760 7,490 8,190 6,435 8,835 9,935 7,435 9,485 5,995 6,895
CH (Cab Height)(mm) 2,470 2,555 2,765 2,755 2,770 2,775 2,915 2,900
WB (Wheelbase)(mm) 3,180 4,350 4,850 3,780 5,080 5,830 3,580+1,350 4,630+1,350 3,630 3,330+1,350
CW (Cab Width)(mm) 2,175 2,490
FOH (Front Overhang)(mm) 1,145 1,185 1,280 1,380
ROH (Rear Overhang)(mm) 1,350 1,910 2,060 1,425 2,475 2,825 1,225 2,225 985 835
Type Direct Injection
Displacement cm3 6,634 7,960 7,684 10,520
Valves per cylinder 4
Aspiration Natural Turbo
Power Output kw @ r/min 115/2,900 150/2,900 195/2,500 257/2,100
Torque Nm @ r/min 443/1,500 546/1,500 804/1,500 1,314/1,500
Type 5 Speed M/T 6 Speed M/T 9 Speed M/T
Ratio 1st 7.462 ~ 5th 1.000 1st 8.189 ~ 6th 1.000 1st 6.515 ~ 6th 0.702 1st 14.056 ~ 9th 1.000 1st 10.178 ~ 9th 0.724
Type Full Floating, Single Reduction, Single Speed w/diff. lock Full Floating, Single Reduction, Single Speed w/diff. lock
Ratio 5.142 4.625 4,875 6.833 6,428 5.857 5,428 4.875 5,250
Rear Semi-elliptic main & aux. leaf
- Type Reinforced Standard
Front Semi-elliptic w/shock abs.
- Type Reinforced Standard
System Air Over Hydraulic Full Air
Type: front & rear Drum, Dual Circuit, Vaccuum Assist
Exhaust Brake Electric-vaccuum actuator w/valve in exhaust pipe
Wheels size 16 x 6.00-135 20 x 6.50-145 22.5 x 7.50
Tire size 8.25R16-14PR 8.25R20-14PR 11R22.5
Type Recirculating ball with hydraulic booster
Capacity Lts 100 200
System 24 Volts
Fog Lamps
Under Mirror
Spare Tire / Spare Carrier
Audio (AM/FM) + 2 Speakers
Air Conditioning / Heater
Sun Visor (Driver + Passenger)
Overhead Console DR + Assist. Driver Side Only
Seat Suspension N/A Air Susp.
Back buzzer
Tachometer with Overrun Buzzer
Fuel cap with key
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